Adrià Mascarell


Circus Performer.

My job requires my body to be in top form. I injured my two wrists and had to have surgery twice in order to have my scaphoid ligament reconstructed. A full recovery was absolutely essential for me to keep my job.

Bernardo Cifres Amat

Joel Lliró

French Horn Soloist at the Valencian Community Orchestra and Teacher.

It was at the Institut that I finally found (after a long time) someone who actually listened to me and spoke the same language I was speaking, who didn't think I was talking nonsense and that

Àlex Garrobé

alex garrobe.jpg

Guitar Player and Teacher.

The people at the Institut understand how any small problem, insignificant to everyone else, may affect us artists.

Artur Regada

Joel Lliró

Jazz and Classical Music Double Bass Player and Teacher.

One of the benefits of the Institut de Medicina de l'Art is the accuracy of their diagnosis. This is because they have a profound knowledge of the techniques used by us musicians when we play our instruments.

Dani Mazarrota


Trompa solista de l'Orquestra Simfònica de Navarra.

He estat durant 2 anys amb sensacions estranyes i cada vegada pitjor. Vaig arribar a pensar a deixar la trompa. Ho vaig passar malament doncs la meva feina és la meva passió.


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