Adrià Mascarell


Circus Performer.

My job requires my body to be in top form. I injured my two wrists and had to have surgery twice in order to have my scaphoid ligament reconstructed. A full recovery was absolutely essential for me to keep my job.

The Institut de Medicina de l'Art helped me to a perfect recovery and a faster one than I had expected.

In all traumatisms a good medical diagnosis is most important. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to be confident enough to make a full recovery. In my experience, a good diagnosis, one that considered every element on a surgical procedure, was crucial for me not to have to worry about my career. An adapted and personalised recovery programme gave me the necessary peace of mind and confidence to recover well from my injury.

I had a very good experience at the Institut; not only in a medical sense, but in every doctor's ability to listen to me, and the human side of all their staff.

Nobody wants to undergo surgery; it is a long and hard path to physical and psycological recovery. Once you have no other choice, however, you want to be in the hands of a warm and professional team, as they will make your recovery easier and more effective.