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As broadband connections become more and more general, videoconference systems have enough quality so that we can actually observe precise movements such as that of a musician playing their instrument in detail.

Therefore, a doctor or therapist can analyse a musician’s posture and movements from their home, perhaps hundreds or thousands of miles away from the Institut. Besides, everyone has access to this technology today.

Obviously, this system cannot replace face-to-face visits completely. It does, however, make contact easier between our professional experts in artist affections and the artists themselves.

This technology allows us to:
  • Give a second opinion to those musicians who have already been diagnosed by other professionals and who would like to know what we think about their affection or the treatment they have been suggested.
  • Resolve doubts: give you our opinion and inform you on how to proceed when faced by an injury that hasn’t been looked at by other professionals (tests that will be required, what experts you should consult, existing possibilities, risks, etc,), sharing with you the experience and knowledge of those professionals at the Institut.
  • Keep track of the evolution of those patients whose treatment and therapy was designed by a professional from our centre.
  • If a new affection appears, even if it is not connected with the one that was treated in person at the Institut, videoconference could be an option to solve the problem.
IMPORTANT: Online visits are meant to make contact easier between artists and our professionals at the Institut; however, they can never replace face-to-face visits completely or become the only way of communication between them. Just like in-person examinations, online visits will be kept completely confidential due to professional secrecy.

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