Artur Regada

Joel Lliró

Jazz and Classical Music Double Bass Player and Teacher.

One of the benefits of the Institut de Medicina de l'Art is the accuracy of their diagnosis. This is because they have a profound knowledge of the techniques used by us musicians when we play our instruments.

They know the exact consquences of our activity: muscular, articular, nervous system, postural repercussions. The peculiarity of a musician's work makes it extremely difficult (you could say it makes it impossible) for any doctor to be familiar with, if they haven't researched thoroughly our activity.

You know you can trust the Institut when you realise they have already treated patients who suffered from exactly the same pathology you do.

I would like to point out the rigorous appointments, careful physiotherapy treatments and their value for money. We cannot become disheartened and surrender to problems caused by playing. Never! We are musicians, we have musician problems and there's people in the Institut who can help us.