Daniel Azagra

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In 1990 I had to abandon all thought of becoming a professional pianist after I developed a mysterious mobility problem on the second finger of my left hand, which no doctor was able to diagnose, let alone treat.

 In 2004 I developed a similar, yet more serious problem on my fourth and fifth fingers of my right hand, which made it impossible for me to play the piano at all, even at elementary level.

I contacted the Institut in 2007 and was diagnosed with focal dystonia on both hands  I was offered their Sensory Motor Retuning treatment.

It worked really well on my right hand and I recovered from my dystonia in a little less than a year. It took a bit longer for my left hand to recover, but I also got there in the end.

Both my hands are actually nimbler now than before I developed my dystonia, and I have now more control and precision over the keyboard.

I will always be extremely grateful to Sílvia Fàbregas and Jaume Rosset for their indispensable help in getting over this serious disorder.

Also, they treated me very well when I had a cut on my right thumb tendon.

I recommend the Institut to anyone who suffers from or who thinks they might suffer from focal dystonia. It doesn't matter if you live close to their centre in Terrassa or not - the treatment they offer is simply the best you can find today.

My experience tells me this is the best place for you to find help. I wouldn't trust my hands (or my brain for that matter) to any other team.