Enrique Vargas

Enrique Vargas.jpg

Music PhD, Performer, Composer, Musicologist and Teacher.

The doctors at the Institut have a profound knowledge of the nature of the locomotor movements used when playing a musical instrument; they know how to efficiently enhance its performance.

Not only are they able to cure musician-related diseases, particularly the dreaded and, up until recently, incurable focal dystonia, but they can also prevent such conditions. The re-training concept (which helps eliminate dystonic conditions) was developed by the Institut; it is unique and, in my humble opinion, the most accurate and efficient in the world.

The Institut gave me back the capacity to play, but they also helped me develop a correct locomotor movement concept.

The doctors and therapists at the Institut are the best when it comes to a musician's health; they are wonderful human beings too. Trust them; they will help you, just like they helped me. And not only me: I shared some of the concepts I learned at the Institut with my students (who are mostly professional musicians). They have had a very positive impact on the high performance of their locomotor movement. They have also helped them prevent possible professional injuries.