Manuel Maccioni


In 2017 I began to feel a motor problem in the fourth and fifth fingers of the right hand that was increasing.

To understand the origin of the problem, I underwent a series of medical tests (ultrasound, hand and wrist X-rays, electromyography ...), but unfortunately without results. Thanks to a guitarist friend of mine, I got in touch with the Institut de l'Art and, finally, thanks to Dr. Jaume Rosset, I had the diagnosis of my problem: focal dystonia. A few months later I started my rehabilitation journey with Silvia Fabregas who, in addition to being a special person, both professionally and humanly, has followed and supported me on this path.

I have not hidden the fact that during these 3 years I have had moments of ups and downs. But, from the moment you touch down, you can only go back up and, since I have felt cured, I have continued my career without making the mistakes I made before, mistakes that caused focal dystonia.

Thanks to focal dystonia, I have discovered a new way of studying and playing the piano, in addition to having a more open and less rigid vision of music, but also of life.

I highly recommend the Institut for any type of illness, doubt or simply to get help on how to improve with your instrument and lifestyle.