Gonçalo Cordeiro

gonçalo cordeiro


It was actually the evening before I was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia that I was lucky enough to come across the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art's website. 

Jordi Closa


These days I play Euphonium with the Unió Musical del Bages and I have a better technique than when I started.

Katia Novell

Violin player at OBC.

I arrived at the clinic desperate, with my hand paralysed, without knowing what had happened to me.

Joaquim Subirats

joaquim subirats.jpg

Saxophonist and saxophone teacher.

The first time I went to the Institut, I was terrified. I don't know why, but I was certain it was the last ace up my sleeve.

Luís Pedro Bráviz

Luís Pedro Bráviz


Hem arribat a la Meta. Després de gairebé quatre anys intensos de treball, podem dir que la distonia ha quedat desterrada, potser en un lleu record, potser en el no res.