Gonçalo Cordeiro

gonçalo cordeiro


It was actually the evening before I was diagnosed with Focal Dystonia that I was lucky enough to come across the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art's website. 

Yes, I was lucky, because that was exactly why the situation seemed less dramatic from the start. I knew there was a team in Terrassa who understood perfectly well everything I was really going through. Better than that - they had a possible solution, a path I could follow. That first impression was confirmed in the first few months they treated me. They guided me, step by step, with their wisdom, simplicity, confidence, flexibility, reliability, clarity, understanding and friendship I needed every time (even when times got rough!). Moreover, it was all very personalised... to a degree where I thought my physiotherapist knew more about me than some of my close friends! Now I simply can't thank them enough for everything they have given me, for how happy they have made me.

"It is amazing to see how I can play, how everything works fine, how my hand feels better than ever, better than it ever did in many ways... It is truly incredible..."