Francisco San Emeterio


Pianist and Teacher at the "Jesus de Monasterio" Conservatory (Santander).

First symptoms appeared in 2002. I didn't feel any pain, just a progressive loss of my motor abilities only perceptible when playing.

In less than a year, the affection caused problems in other activities: using a computer, handling cutlery, personal hygiene, etc. I constantly tried to adapt my repertoire progressively, but I found it more and more difficult to play, until it was simply impossible.

I visited several experts, but they never had any answers or solutions. Some of them suggested psychological reasons. When I got to the Institut by late 2004, I already knew my disease. I barely had 10% control over the keyboard.

After fifteen months of daily, three hour long exercises and regular meetings with a team of experts from the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art, I regained 90% of control over my hand's mobility. Physiotherapist Sílvia Fàbregas' vocation, support and devotion were vital for the treatment's success.

I have been keeping an eye on the intensity of my playing ever since, using procedures I learned during my treatment. I currently play for three hours every day and do solo and chamber music concerts once or twice a month, not to mention the many auditions which are part of my conservatory work.

I no longer have any symtomps that remind me I once suffered from dystonia. I can now say I am 100% cured.

A piece of advice: you must follow every recommendation from the Institut strictly, especially when it comes to method and deadlines. Forget about adding your personal touch or playing secretely. It is a long and tough process and there will be times when you will doubt. I had a lot of faith; their long experience and the big number of patients they had successfully treated reassured me.