Mislav Rezic

mislav rezic 2

Classical guitarist and teacher.

Being a musician I never considered having an injury a possibility. Until it actually happened. 

It all started in a period of very intense musical activity for me; hours and hours of practice both as a soloist and a guitarist in chamber music concerts, not to mention taking part in music contests. Professional musicians find it extremely hard not to be able to play their instrument because of an injury. It is frustrating. More than your physical problems, the worst thing is to have to deal with the psychological issues that they bring.

This is why you need to find professional help from a centre with long a experience dealing with musician problems, such as the Institut de Fisiologia i Medicina de l'Art in Terrassa.

Their top level expertise and professionalism, along with their human touch and friendly approach, are their main strengths.

"Thanks to a therapy developed by them and to their support, I can play again, express my creativity and, more than anything else, enjoy my life as a musician."