Joaquim Subirats

joaquim subirats.jpg

Saxophonist and saxophone teacher.

The first time I went to the Institut, I was terrified. I don't know why, but I was certain it was the last ace up my sleeve.

I had been going from one doctor to another for two years, but nobody had been able to diagnose my illness. One day I found myself reading an information leaflet published by the Institut which described exactly what I was suffering from. It was obvious - I had dystonia.

I didn't know whether I would be able to play the saxophone again or if I would have to give up on one of the things I loved the most: music. Fortunately, I went to the Institut. There I found a team of professionals who specialised in art medicine and who could help me (doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.). For the first time, I didn't feel I was alone. I met other musicians who were going through the same and who were being treated there too.

The team was always by my side and helped me with their wisdom. They made me believe in myself again.

It was thanks to them that I was eager to play again - they made me feel the musician in me was back.

The Institut has a highly qualified medical team with a long experience treating artists with all resources and equipment necessary to help musicians recover. They have treated many of us. That is why, unlike other doctors, they understand us and are familiar with our problems.