Katia Novell

Violin player at OBC.

I arrived at the clinic desperate, with my hand paralysed, without knowing what had happened to me.

It had been 6 years since I began to feel strange sensations that had degenerated to total paralysis. A year and a half later I'm totally recovered and playing better than ever. The gratitude I feel is endless.

The treatment is very hard but, done well, it is a guarantee of healing, I can assure it.

To be successful one must strictly follow the given instructions and even increase the difficulty of the exercises, as far as possible. I also recommend doing psychological therapy to cope with this difficult process. To find out that you have focal dystonia is very hard emotionally. In addition, psychological work will help dissipate the emotional resistance that one generates throughout the treatment.

I recommend monastic calm to start this journey, as well as discipline and all the creativity that comes to mind.