Marina Verdaguer

Classical Ballet

It is really important to know dancing techniques in order to prevent injuries. However, dancers expose their bodies to such intense routines that this is usually not enough.

It is then that you need the kind of support only a professional team of both doctors and physiotherapists can offer.

Finding the Institut de l'Art was of great help for me. Dancing is of course a physical activity but, personally, I think it is more than just that. It was surprising to find myself talking about ballet and being understood. But not only that: 

In my case, it was equally important to find a solution to my injury as it was to improve my technique so that it wouldn't happen again in the future.

So apart from their patience, their clarity and their efficiency, that was the main difference I found at the Insitut from the very start. That is why I am so satisfied, that is why every time I go there I have the feeling I am in good hands.