Manuel Parra Pérez

Manuel Parra


An excellent surgical intervention is worthless without an excellent rehabilitation. And that is what the Institute offers to every musician.

As in any profession, we, the musicians, have our own pathologies and “breakdowns” inherent to the profession and to the instrument that is interpreted. And more if we think that professional music is a physical and mental practice. As a professional musician, I have suffered injuries caused by my activity, therefore I have had to resort several times to the specialized care offered at the Institute of Physiology and Medicine of Art.

I have a deep gratitude towards the professionals of the Institute for all the times they have put me “back into operation” at 100%, something essential for the exercise of my profession.

The surgeons of the Hospital de Cruces, in Vizcaya, where I have been intervened in some ocassion, do not get tired of repeating it: “an excellent intervention is worthless without an excellent rehabilitation”. And that is what the Institute offers to every musician.

As a curiosity, I studied in Germany, where people talk about Dr Johen Blum, of the University Clinic in Mainz, as a “savior” of the musicians who works and lives in that country. A few years ago, I talked with him because I needed a professional rehabilitation for musicians. When he asked me where I was calling from (Spain), he directed me to the Institute of Terrassa for its proximity, specially because he knew that I was going to be offered the same kind of knowledge and care that he could offer me. He told me that they had been working together, that they knew them very well and that he knew I would be very well attended there. And indeed, so it was.